Deputy Mayor Robert Keefe

Robert Keefe has spent 38 years in Municipal Politics including two terms as Mayor. He is currently the Deputy Mayor. He received a 35-year plaque from the Province in honour of his service.

Bob represents the town on the Northern Peninsula East Heritage Committee for trails and is a member of the local Heritage committee.

A former School Administrator and teacher, Bob was actively involved in many different extracurricular activities; he often helped provide music for many school functions. He was a founding member of the local Bremco Branch of the NLTA and served in every office, and was a founding member of the Englee Recreation Commission. Regionally Bob was a founding member of the IAS Committee, served on the Nordic Zone Bd., and on the Grenfell Health Community Liaison Committee. He has been an ardent supporter of the Community Business Development Corporation. For the past 17 years at Nortip, Bob has held a number of major portfolios including Secretary-Treasurer, Vice Chairperson and Chairperson.

For his lifelong service, Bob has been recognized by his local NLTA Branch and also provincially with his receiving the Johnson NLTA Special Recognition Award in 1994. He was recipient of the Citizen of the year Award in 1989.